Does The Howard Group only work with African American males?

No. The Howard Group works with clients from all cultural backgrounds, genders, and walks of life although our cultural competence is working with members of the African American community especially African American males.

Does The Howard Group Accept Insurance?

The Howard Group only accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance for individual therapy services only (our Empowerment Circles are not covered by insurance). We do accept out of network payments. Acceptable forms of payments include credit and debit cards, ACH, and flexible spending account plans.

Are services provided only on-site and if so, where are your offices located?

The Howard Group offers individual therapy services virtually using a secure platform or in person. However, our Empowerment Circles are only provided in person. We are currently licensed to practice in Maryland and Washington D.C.  

In addition to offering our Empowerment Circles at our offices, we also have the capacity to provide this service off-site (such as at schools, community centers and churches), The Howard Group has two convenient locations;

Columbia Office (Main Headquarters)

10750 Hickory Ridge Road, Suite 113
Columbia, MD, 21044

Rockville Office

50 West Montgomery Avenue, Suite 10
Rockville, MD 20850

What is your pricing?

Our prices are:

  • $175 per 50 minutes for individual sessions
  • $800 for each group Empowerment Circle iteration ($100 per group session)
  • $200 per hour for consulting services

Pricing for unique services will be priced individually.

For The Howard Group Empowerment Circles, are you required to attend all sessions?

Yes. Ideally, it is expected that each group member will make every effort to attend all 8-week session(s) as each session incorporates previous group discussions. These groups are also closed after the 2nd session to build and foster group cohesion among the members. Groups are also limited to 10 group members.

are my sessions confidential?

Yes. As licensed therapists, we are bound by HIPPA and related laws to keep our sessions private and confidential. The Howard Group also has a high ethical standard when it comes to protecting client privacy. However, there are some situations that we are legally required to report such as abuse, threatening of bodily harm, or a response to certain legal subpoenas.