Individual Mental Wellness Sessions

Oftentimes, individual support is what you need to address your trauma and find healing. Our Individual therapy sessions allow you to address specific triggers and work through personal issues and challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

Our therapeutic approach incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing strategies and also acknowledges how one’s cultural background shapes their perceptions of themselves and the world around them.

Group Therapy / Empowerment Circles

Our Empowerment Circles emphasize the power of community in the healing process and are at the center of our therapy practice. For years, barber shops and beauty salons within the African American community served as a gathering place where people from all walks of life and backgrounds come together to discuss sports, politics, and current events. In keeping with this tradition, our Empowerment Circles provide a safe, supportive, and confidential setting where African American males can openly share their experiences while having the support and guidance of experienced, African American mental health professionals.

Community Support

The Howard Group strives to establish collaborative relationships with other mental health professionals and organizations that serve teens and adults. The Howard Group is committed to sharing its clinical expertise by offering clinical consultation services to organizations, mental health professionals, or individuals interested in the current mental health issues facing the African American community.